Dragon Quest: From the Great Adventure: A Leak reveals the exorbitant number of episodes

That from Dragon Quest: Give the great adventure is a very popular anime and manga franchise. For this very reason, many are waiting for the release of the remake, including the voice actor Maurizio Merluzzo, who has expressed all his enthusiasm for this project in the hope of being able to stage a possible synchronization.

In any case, the anime will appear on the small screen on October 3rd, even if currently no Italian distributor has announced the arrival of the television series in our country. Last December, the announcement was made Remake of Dragon Quest was added Restart Digimon Adveture All of this together has definitely broken hopes of seeing Dragon Ball Super 2 in 2020.

TOEI animation He's doing great and planning to start another production with a high number of episodes. The studio staff have already confirmed that the series will adjust the entire story again and that the timing will be right. According to a recent leak, it was actually revealed that the number of episodes of Dragon Quest: From The Great Adventure will be around 100 episodes. In any case, we recommend that you use this information with the correct precautions and wait for official updates, which we will report immediately on our pages.

And you, what do you think of this rumor, do you think it is likely? Let us know what you think using one below.

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