The new animated series from Dragon Quest: Give the Great Adventure slowly introduces all protagonists. This time Leona, the princess of the Papnica kingdom, makes her debut.

Increasingly, new productions have a habit of starting right away, leaving too many question marks for the public. For example, the beginning of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is not recommended for fans who did not follow Inuyasha. But that doesn't happen with Dragon Quest: Dai The Great Adventure that he uses a much more patient approach compared to its rivals.

This new series seems in no hurry and on purpose build a solid foundation on which you can then continue with the action. In the second episode of Dragon Quest: From The Great Adventure, Princess Leona is asked to perform a ritual that has not been performed for over 50 years. Come on, who has since become famous for his heroic deeds, wants to accompany the princess, who, however, defines him as a "tiny and unreliable" boy.

But as the episode progresses, we see the two young heroes learn to trust each otheruntil they finally become friends. But when her mission seemed complete, a scorpion poisoned Princess Leona. This event, which seemed completely accidental, is actually a plan by Bishop Temjin to take control of the Papnica kingdom. Before Dai can deal with saving the empire, however, he must find a cure for the poison that was injected into Leona.

The protagonist claims to Feeling like a total failureand if she only knew how to use magic she could heal her friend instantly. However, the princess does not accuse him, on the contrary, she comforts him. A blue aura envelops Dai in a flash of determination, allowing him to cast his first spell when he sees his grandfather in danger.

At the end of the episode, Brass heals Leona, who manages to get Temjin arrested for treason. Before the Leona returns to her kingdom, Dai greets her by calling her "Princess". However, Leona gets angry and pretends to be called by her real name. Between the two, who at first couldn't stand each other, was born a special relationship. In the meantime, the names of the upcoming episodes of Dragon Quest: From The Great Adventure have been posted on Twitter.

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