Over the years between fights and love stories and friendship, Dragon ball gave us intense emotions. A certain event could even move the creator of the work, Master Akira Toriyama.

Now that the Saiyans' past has been challenged in the prelude to Dragon Ball Supers new story arc, let's revive ourselves one of the most touching consequences the franchise; a special episode that even made Toriyama cry.

When it comes to the brand's films, Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Dad of Goku, who came here with the name eight years after the original release, is definitely one of the most popular Dragon Ball Z - The origins of the myth.

This particular episode takes place between episodes 63 and 64 of the animated series tells the story of Bardockwho tried to rebel against Freeza's army and saved his son Kakarotto by sending him to planet Earth.

""The special was good. I cried. The last scene was really sad"Said Toriyama in an interview at the time. Since the mangaka is apparently a big fan of it, can reuse some of these scenes in the saga of the survivor Granolah, a new story based on the connection between Freeza and the Saiyajins and the desire for revenge of the new protagonist.

And what do you think of the historical film? Gohan annihilates Cell in this spectacular Dragon Ball Z artwork. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan in this female Dragon Ball Z cosplay.

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