Despite the passing years Dragon Ball Z is still on the crest of the wave. The series, created by Akira Toriyama, was able to conquer several generations who, after returning from school, sat on the sofa to watch the anime on TV. To this day, these fans still wonder about Dragon Ball Z and how strong Vegetto is compared to Goku and Vegeta.

He appears in the same Vegetto saga Majin Buu in its three forms: the standard form, Super Buu and Kid Buu. The powerful villain will put a lot of effort Son Goku and the other Z Fighters, forcing them to continually improve and create new combat strategies.

Via the Twitter profile, @Mundo Kame has officially opened pre-orders for the Kid Buu and Super Buu figures produced by figure class. As you can see in the tweet at the bottom of this news, at the foot of the figure is the bust of Super Buu, who is contracting his facial muscles in a really angry expression, spewing smoke from every hole. You can see it above him kid buu stand there with a frown as if to express contempt.

One more thing Figures of Kid Buu himself alone is available for pre-order, always produced by figure classwith the only difference from the previous one represented by the base on which the figure rests, representing the M of Majin.

Both figures have two sizes with different prices: the one with the two Bu in 1/4 scale costs well €440, while it costs €290 in 1/6 scale, the one with only Kid Bu costs €270 in 1/4 scale and the same in 1/6 scale €170. A deposit must be paid to @ for each figureMundo Kameas the figures are scheduled to be released for second quarter of 2023.

figure class is known for producing excellent, detailed resin figures. Another figure maker known for resins is AR Studio, which recently launched the Dragon Ball Z Vegeta figure.

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