According to comments from a popular online forum in Japan, anime fans, or "otakus" apparently lose interest in anime when they reach 30 years old. These comments suggest that they are victims of a "reality check" which makes them realize that perhaps they have not made the most of their lives. Let's review the following testimonies:

In the first testimony, the writer says that they have lived a solitary life for over ten years, but anime, the internet, and video games have kept their spirit alive. However, around the age of 28, these things started to bore the writer, and by 30, they were completely fed up. They feel hopeless and have nothing to do. The writer used to rush home from work to connect to the internet, but now they cannot even watch all the anime they want. They used to consider quitting their job to play video games full-time, but they are not interested in that anymore.

In the second testimony, the writer suggests that even if you lead an empty life, it will continue to be empty. This is the problem that people who have only consumed anime throughout their lives face. To avoid being swallowed up by this reality, everyone should form a family and engage in productive activities. If you do not produce something in some way, you will end up being swallowed up by emptiness and forgotten.

The third testimony says that before reading the conversation, they not only watched anime non-stop but also bought merchandise, frequented places where live performances were held, and felt alive when they received interactions from strangers on Twitter. After feeling that reality check, they lost interest in all those things and completely abandoned them.

Now let's review the responses from Japanese fans:

  • "I have to admit that it is true that as you get older, you lose interest in anime and video games"
  • "Perhaps 90% of otakus retire at the age of 40; it's normal"
  • "My libido has faded, and my interest in erotic things has decreased. I think this has also made me lose interest in anime and video games"
  • "After all, anime is a culture for young people, so I understand losing interest over time. However, isn't it too soon for this to happen at 30? They could have said at 50 when your physical appearance starts to change."
  • "Now you realize that being single is entirely your fault? You spent all your resources on meaningless things like anime, manga books that you only read once, video games that you never finish, and now VTubers who only want you for your money. You avoided real women for these things"
  • "First of all, anime is the first thing that starts to bore you, and it's worse when you read manga and then an anime adaptation of the same comes out because you are not interested in watching it again"
  • "If it's only anime and video games, I guess it's understandable that you get bored. Can't you engage in other things?"
  • "Well, it's also because I work longer hours. I don't have the time to do the things I like."

Based on these comments and testimonies, it seems that many otakus lose interest in anime and other hobbies as they get older. While it is understandable to some extent, it is also important to recognize that life is about more than just consuming media.

A balanced and productive life involves engaging in various activities, forming meaningful relationships, and contributing to society in some way. It's never too late to start living a fulfilling life, and it's never too early to start.

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