Dragon Ball is the quintessence of manga fighting tournaments, the one who cleared this medium to juxtapose the protagonists. Weekly Shonen Jump's fighting shonen manga wouldn't have been the same without the genius of Akira Toriyama. And throughout the series there were so many different types.

The first is the Tenkaichi Tournament, which initially featured a few warriors facing each other in a fairly small ring, but since Goku and his companions started stepping onto the battlefield tiles, things started to change. Clash after clash, the strongest reached the finals, always making these Dragon Ball sagas exciting, and all commented on by the special character that made the history of this competition. The man with the blond hair and who also grew a good mustache over time as he grew up, but missed one of the tournaments that saved the earth.

The Cell Tournament announced by the by Dr. Gelo conceived and developed amorphous creature saw another commenter but couldn't quite capture the moments of this deadly challenge. But Roku also wanted to give him prestige in this awesome fan art where the Commentator on the Tenkaichi show Goku VS Cell at the TV, yelling and pretending the remote control is a microphone. Jacket and tie, but with slippers, tube television and many other details make it clear how much humanity wanted to speak out on this challenge on which the fate of the earth would depend.

Did you know that Toriyama and the animators hated Cell a lot?

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