The first season of The Rise of the Shield Hero was very well received by the Japanese, and the same goes for many Isekai anime fans who flocked to Crunchyroll and made the first 24 episodes well-regarded. Last year, it was the turn of a second season instead, while the third was already announced.

Season 2 of The Rising of the Shield Hero did not live up to expectations and pushed development forward Story by Naofumi Iwatani inconsistent. However, there is more material that needs to be adapted from the original light novel, so the series will continue with a new cycle of episodes that will be released later in 2023. The first poster of The Rising of the Shield Hero 3 already hinted that there would be more dark developments in this fantasy world, where the boy who now possessed the Shield was sent.

The Kadokawa's The Rising of the Shield Hero 3 trailer, also presented with English subtitles, presented the group of protagonists with a new challenge. Naofumi and Raphtalia fight masked in an underground arena to understand what happened to the other three heroes who suddenly disappeared. And so the hero with his trusty shield has to fight against experienced warriors in this mysterious area.

However, the release date was brought forward with the trailer: The Rising of the Shield Hero 3 will air in October 2023 in Japan and also officially on Crunchyroll in a subbed simulcast. Can Naofumi once again prove himself an indispensable hero to the kingdom and the world, as well as to his missing colleagues?

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