Over the years and the change from Akira Toriyama's direct management to purely overseeing Toyotaro's work, it has led to inevitable changes in the universe of dragon ball. The epic featured in Z has given way to divine forms and dimensional tournaments, but many fans continue to prefer the series' past.

Dragon Ball Super has certainly provided readers and fans with memorable and exciting battles, but there are few battles that can match those End of the saga on Namek. A story arc centered around the threat of Emperor Freeza killing Krillin in cold blood. When he saw the death of his best friend Goku reached the Super Saiyan stage firstthat breathes life into a fight that remains in the indelible memory of fans to this day.

A comparison artist Justin96636 wanted to pay homage to with the illustration shown at the bottom of the page. in the perfect ukiyo-e style, a type of printing that belongs to the Japanese tradition of the 17th century and consists of printing an image on paper using wooden matrices. Obviously the fan was only inspired by this style and still got a surprising result and with interesting details such as: a type of crown worn by Goku. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Finally we make you discover the original design of Gohan during the Majin Buu saga and we leave you a beautiful figurine dedicated to Goku and Chichi's wedding.

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