There transformation of Gohan into second level Super Saiyan undoubtedly represents the highest peak of Cell 's narrative arc, if not the entire series of Dragon Ball Z. A strong scene, with a great emotional impact and destined to be remembered for many years, testifying to the immense work done by Toriyama and his team.

Recently, a Reddit user decided to pay homage to the transformation that made fans go crazy for years, creating a wonderful gif portraying the precise moment in which the son of Goku unleashed all his power, this time, however, with the artistic style of the immense Naohiro Shintani.

Shintani has always been one of the most appreciated artistic directors by fans of the series, especially because of his fluid and simplistic trait, here visible especially in the details of the eyes and hair of the Saiyan. The animated fan art of WutUtalkingBoutWill was rewarded by other users with around 3000 upvotes.

And what do you think of it? How would you rate this fan art? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! In case you haven't yet, we advise you to deepen your knowledge on Toriyama's work by reading our short insights on the hair of the Super Saiyans and on the life cycle of the Goku and Vegeta breed.

Teen Gohan animation in Shintani's art style from r / dbz

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