Dragon Ball Z has now become one of the works that has received more fanart throughout the sector, both thanks to the many years since its first release and the continuous new proposals, as well as the originality and design of some characters that have now entered the general imagination. as the powerful and fearsome Galactic Emperor Freeza.

The main antagonist of one of the series' most memorable sagas has undergone evolution over the recent events narrated in Dragon Ball Super, such as during the Tournament of Power, but his brutal malice still makes him one of the most intriguing villains of the game Universe devised by Akira Toriyama. For this reason, the artist @ Justin96636 wanted to dedicate to him the unique illustration that you can see below, depicting him in his final form, with a green aura and an inexplicable golden circle around his head, but in perfect style ukiyo-e.

In addition to the clouds below, another specialty of the genre, you can see the five mercenaries who make up the Ginyu team in the background Guldo, Rikoom, Butter, Jeeth and Ginew same. Let us know what you think about the design in the comments. In the meantime, we also leave you the forms of Majin Buu in ukiyo-e style, created by the same fan, and five important additional Dragon Ball Z scenes that added something to the original story told in the manga .

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