Anime characters are often far less scary than they are in reality. In fact, certain features are not well reproduced in the drawings, and for this reason there have been many fans in recent years trying to reproduce their favorite opponents in a realistic version. Dragon Ball Z's realistic cell is an example.

The enemy appeared during the Android saga of Dragon Ball Z it had the appearance of an insect that was made less scary in the anime than it was. Transformation after transformation, Cell has come closer and closer to the human form and absorbs the cyborgs No. 17 and No. 18 up to the final form.

However, it does not lose some of its more animalistic properties and one Cell statue in realistic version lets us observe all these details, which often go unnoticed. In the images below published by Mundo Kame, Cell accuses Ki of attack and his pose allows us to see the shell, the insect wings, the veins that stick out on the skin, and many other small details that give but give a much more disturbing image of the Dragon Ball Z antagonist.

Cell's body has many secrets that are revealed in the anime Dragon Ball Z, making it a formidable opponent.

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