Wano collected many of the great shots from ONE PIECEbetween old and new generations. From the emperors to many of the supernovae, the arc has arrived in the third phase, that of Onigashima, in which the factions compete against each other in a turmoil of various and unpredictable clashes.

After Big Mom and Kaido split up, the group of young pirates split up. While Luffy had to clash with Kaido, Kid decided to follow Big Mom in order to defeat her. The empress stood up Unleashed in the corridors of Onigashima, first by defeating side one and then defeating Ulti with the power of Hera. Shortly before Nami and Usopp were killed, Kid intervened in ONE PIECE 1013 just in time and reached the empress.

Eiichiro has Oda on only two sides confirmed that the red pirate and Big Mom will compete against each other again. Using all the metal that had accumulated along the way, Kid used Big Punk to block Big Mom's attack and then tossed her to the ground. As we saw in the ONE PIECE 1013 finale The strength of the emperors goes far beyond that of the supernovaewhen Luffy was finally defeated again by Kaido, even though he was using the Conqueror King's Haki. How will Kid beat the Empress?

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