The series of Dragon Ball Z it is marked by many unforgettable moments and scenes, which have changed the story of Son Goku, and his companions, in a more or less profound way. Among these is certainly the first, iconic, clash between Goku and Vegeta, important for various reasons.

In fact, not only did the arrival of the Saiyans on planet Earth introduce us to an endless universe possibly full of threats, but also to the original race of Goku, revealing and explaining at the same time the details that were already present in the first series. Furthermore theintroduction of the character of the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta, shocked the Akira Toriyama franchise forever.

The clash between the two Saiyans is still remembered as one of the highest moments of the series, where the protagonist has gone incredibly beyond his limits, even triggering the Fourth level Kayoken. Because of the importance of this fight, a fan wanted to recreate some of the sequences shown in the anime and manga using figures and making a stop-motion video.

In the video, which you can find at the bottom of the article, the author then chose to change the canonical ending, introducing the Super Saiyan Blue form, introduced in Dragon Ball Super, reached almost simultaneously by both characters. Recall that Vegeta was the protagonist of a funny fanart, together with Radish and Nappa.

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