Cell, the self-proclaimed perfect creature, is one of the most iconic antagonists of Dragon Ball Z and his saga gave us absolutely unforgettable moments, like the father-son Kamehameha or the transformation of Gohan into Super Saiyan 2. But we know everything about the creation of Dr. Gelo?

One of Cell's scariest forces is here Ability to release life force and the ki of the opponents simply by absorbing with the tail, similar to that of an insect. In this way, the antagonist can not only impair the vitality of the opponent, but also strengthen himself by increasing his energy reserves. However, with a sufficiently strong hit, Cell's digestive system expels those previously swallowed and brings them back to an earlier form.

Thanks to the derivation of his Namek DNA, Dr. Gelos creation is able to do so Regenerate whole body parts. Its healing powers act on even a single cell, enabling it to heal from self-destruction. This makes the character invincible in theory, but as Gohan has shown, a sufficiently powerful attack can instantly wipe out all of his cells.

Cell also owns the Saiyan genetic codeSo he's an aggressive and powerful warrior. This also means that if he heals from the point of death, he can become much more powerful. By combining this function with Namekian's regeneration, Cell can return to its perfect shape, even though it no longer has the strength of # 18 in itself.

Cell has not only human, Saiyan, and Namek DNA, but also genetic samples from the Freeza race. That does it a cold and ruthless fighter, able to fight even in the absence of oxygen.

One of Cell's best techniques is that Creation of small and deadly clones by himself. I Cell Jrs. They have a crazy level of combat and manage to help their "father" by defeating the Z-warriors. They manage to keep up with the Super Saiyan caliber Trunks and Vegeta, but they have no hope before Gohan Super Saiyan 2.

According to some theories, Cell would be able to create clones because of the Namek DNA, a breed that lays eggs in order to reproduce. Do you know any other secrets about this fearsome opponent? Eight new Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops are introduced. Weekly Shonen Jump has published a ranking of the most dangerous antagonists and the villains of Dragon Ball Z cannot be missing.

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