Master Roshi, the venerable sage of the Dragon Ball series, stands as an enigma. His quest for immortality, a common trope for villains, is ironically achieved by this eccentric mentor. Unlike his adversaries, Roshi's longevity has surpassed three centuries, a feat that piques the curiosity of many.

Within the electrifying arenas of Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power, Master Roshi emerged as a pivotal character. Despite his human origins, he boasts formidable prowess, rivaling that of Saiyans, Namekians, and even androids!

The Turtle Hermit's Legacy

Esteemed as Goku's mentor in Dragon Ball, the Turtle Hermit holds a dear place in fans' hearts. Introduced in the original series, he instills in Goku the core tenets of martial arts and discipline. Moreover, it is he who entrusts the iconic Kamehameha to his protΓ©gΓ©. Have you ever pondered his age?

Even in the early days of Dragon Ball, Roshi was portrayed as a venerable elder. Yet, as time marched on to the era of Dragon Ball Super, with characters maturing, the Turtle Hermit remains seemingly untouched by time. How can this be?

By the events of Dragon Ball Super, Roshi is approximately 350 years old, making him the most aged human known. His secret? The narrative hints at his possession of an elixir of longevity. In episode 75 of Dragon Ball Super, a filler provides an alternate tale. Goku and Krillin are tasked by Roshi to procure the Paradise Herb, a medicinal rarity said to extend life. Perhaps, it is from this herb that Roshi derives his life-sustaining elixir.

Unraveling the Secret of Eternal Life

In Dragon Ball Super, an episode suggests Roshi's immortality stems from a special herb. However, this detail is non-canon filler, leaving fans to speculate on the true source of his agelessness. In the original Dragon Ball series, Roshi jests that a Phoenix granted him eternal life, a claim met with skepticism due to the creature's demise.

The most credible explanation surfaces in a manga exchange between Roshi and his companion turtle. When probed about drinking an immortality elixir, Roshi deflects with silence. This subtle hint suggests a deeper truth to his undying nature. It's crucial to note, while Roshi may be immune to the ravages of time, he remains vulnerable to mortal wounds.

Master Roshi's immortality remains shrouded in mystery, a narrative choice that adds layers to his character. His unique status among the Dragon Ball cast invites discussion and fascination. Delve into the lore with friends, exploring the possibilities behind Roshi's eternal youth and the implications it holds for the beloved martial artist.


Master Roshi's character, with his blend of wisdom and age-defying vitality, continues to captivate. His teachings and the mystical means by which he retains his youth serve as intriguing facets of his persona. As viewers, we are drawn to the complexities of his character, a testament to the rich tapestry of the Dragon Ball universe. Share this insight with friends who appreciate the depth and intrigue of such enduring characters.

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