Within the vast expanse of anime, a medium brimming with creativity, not all creations emerge as paragons of artistry. Despite the industry's recent gift of 'Frieren' a standout anime of 2023, there exists a cadre of series that linger in memory for less than stellar reasons.

Berserk (2016)

The anime adaptation of Kentaro Miura's magnum opus stands as a stark lesson in the mishandling of source material. The narrative, once rich and detailed, suffered severe truncation and haphazard rewriting. Further exacerbating this disservice, the technical execution featured clunky, outdated CGI, stripping characters of their essence and leaving a hollow shell in place of dynamic storytelling.


With a level of care that could be described as negligent at best, EX-ARM has, somewhat ironically, circled back to become a cult favorite for all the wrong reasons. Its combat scenes are abysmal, character movements wooden and unnatural. EX-ARM boasts CGI that competes with, perhaps even surpasses, Berserk (2016) in terms of sheer unattractiveness, coupled with a sci-fi plot that is anything but original.

Super Kid

For those yearning for the nostalgia of Dragon Ball, Super Kid offers no solace. This imitation falls flat, with audiovisual quality so poor it begs the question of whether it was a transmission error. However, the truth is far simpler: it's an anime that's as forgettable as they come.


If the dazzling sequences of Jujutsu Kaisen 2 left you craving more high-octane anime action, Gibiate will extinguish that desire swiftly. The series, set in a world where a pandemic turns humans into monsters based on their ethnicity (a bizarre concept indeed), is a muddled, rushed, and poorly animated mess. Despite the big names attached to its production, Gibiate is best left in the annals of forgettable anime history.

In conclusion, while the anime landscape is often a treasure trove of visual and narrative splendor, it is not without its blemishes. These titles serve as cautionary tales, reminders that even with a strong foundation, poor execution can lead to a product that fails to resonate with its audience. As viewers, we continue to seek out those gems that capture the essence of what makes anime truly remarkable, while also acknowledging the missteps that remind us of the medium's fallibility.

For those who share a passion for anime, whether it be the highs or the lows, consider discussing these series with your circle. Engage in the conversation, exchange views, and perhaps even find humor in the shortcomings. After all, it's through these discussions that the community grows stronger and more discerning.

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