Dragon Ball Z it has always been a fairly futuristic world, where there are closed objects in the capsules and one is able to travel through space without problems. And despite being written by a Japanese, many elements come from some places and even Chinese legends.

Yet PD Studio has decided to change these characteristics to mix Dragon Ball Z with the world of Japanese samurai, a world full of charm and demonstrations of strength. The company showed its new product, a statuette of Samurai Trunks on a scale of 1 to 4. With 65 centimeters in height, 55 in width and 55 in depth, Trunks comes in a Super Saiyan version dressed in some classic samurai clothes.

In the video below we can appreciate the Dragon Ball Z figurine even in the smallest details thanks to the recovery. Trunks is uncovered with a showy Japanese-style tattoo on the breast and right shoulder, while the two shoulders have iron shoulder straps that then continue up to the wrist with arm protection. In his left hand he holds a mask similar to that of hannya while in his right hand there is the historical sword which, however, is transformed here into a katana.

He then has the classic warrior trousers and armor in the lower part of the body, while at the bottom it can be seen that the character tramples a killed Cell, with the severed tail and some scattered pieces of armor. What do you think of this figurine of Trunks Samurai?

As for fan projects, Trunks becomes a woman in fan art, while her main attack Burning Attack was made in stop motion.

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