dragon ball it is perhaps the most important shonen opera of all time. Born from the imagination of master Akira Toriyama in 1984, the franchise is still hugely popular with longtime fans, and many more have been added over the years. In 2021, Dragon Ball turned 37, which we wanted to celebrate with an article of its own.

Almost 38 years old, Dragon Ball continues to be a point of reference for artists from all over the world, often paying fan art Son Goku and to all other protagonists of the work. One of the latest Dragon Ball artworks featured Goku alongside Ash from PokΓ©mon, created by a lover of both franchises.

Dragon Ball has also often been the protagonist of street art works. A magnificent one was created in the town of Cherburgo, in Normandy Wall paintings of the dragon Shenron at the exit of a tunnel or underpass. At the bottom of this message you can see the work shared by the @ Twitter accountMundo Kame. In it, alongside the gorgeous mural, is the artist, who is believed to have done it as he pretends to be clutching Shenron's mustache when in fact he's leaning on a stool.

The Shenron mural is really well done and a great tribute to the work of Akira Toriyama that has really reached every corner of the world.

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