The manga of Dragon Ball Super slowly enters the climax of the new saga, the narrative arc of the survivor Granolah, which could cause great surprises for readers. Indeed, the possibility that Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro decide to bring the character back to Yamoshi cannot be ruled out.

We still know little about the story of the first Super Saiyan that we only heard about through legends told in the main story. Since he was first mentioned, a mysterious aura has developed around his character, which still arouses the curiosity of readers today. Still, the new manga saga could be an ideal stage to tell the story of this mysterious character.

Granolah's past is directly linked to that of the Saiyajins, a people who lived many years ago on the orders of Freeza led to the extinction of the cereleans. The actions taken by the Saiyans in the past could give the two authors an opportunity to delve deeper into the world Story of Yamoshiand use his role as the first Super Saiyan to push our heroes or maybe his own Vegetato a new basic power-up to face the next threats.

After all, Yamoshi appears to be deeply connected to the Saiyajin prince, who as Granolah inherited the weight of his own almost extinct lineage. A triangle that could now lead to new unexpected effects and that would benefit the franchise in terms of novelty. And instead, what do you think of this hypothesis, will we have more information about Yamoshi in this new story arc?

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