Goku faced Granolah in a fight on cereal, the two of which gave her a good reason. When the Saiyan Ultra Instinct kicked in, things seemed to have changed, but the illusion lasted very little. We then saw the coming Vegeta's move in Dragon Ball Superthat had even spawned a new transformation.

In short, it really seemed like Vegeta's move to shine and leave Goku aside. The Saiyan prince used the ultra-ego to get Granolah into great trouble and triumphed in more than half a chapter of Dragonball Super 75. In fact, all of this only lasted half a chapter. Unsurprisingly, Vegeta became a trend on Twitter because of the ugly debacle that saw him become the protagonist on the final pages designed by Toyotaro.

Vegeta's fans were once again saddened by the bad figure of their hero, and among them is Christopher Sabat, the famous American voice actor for the Saiyan. In fact, the voice actor had already understood the trend when he noticed the Vegeta trend on Twitter after the spoilers. confirm his dismal opinion with a GIF and a messageas seen below. In short, it seems that Toyotaro and Toriyama don't want to bring joy to Vegeta's followers.

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