They were all surprised a few weeks ago when Yoshihiro Togashi started his Twitter account. No words, just pages that later turned out to be drafts of the new Hunter x Hunter chapters. The thing exploded within hours, with all the fans flocking to catch the updates.

The mangaka has therefore decided to publish a page every day - sometimes even two - with the page number and occasionally even some lines that don't look like a scribble, from which some hypotheses about the future of the manga can be drawn. Hunter x Hunter Chapter 397 is over and it didn't take long Togashi focused on the next number.

That I'm working on the Hunter x Hunter 398 proofs: The first side was excluded from the photos because Togashi directly released the 2, followed closely by the 3 and the 4 together and finally the 5. Four sides that unfortunately don't understand much about what's going to happen since they don't shine There are certain details, except for the one on the last page where there appears to be a hand holding the hilt of a katana in the corner. And what do you think of these sides of Hunter x Hunter?

In the meantime he was able to publish Hunter x Hunter 391 in the final version.

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