Recently Vegeta rocked the community off Dragonball Super to achieve a new, terrifying transformation. The Ultra Ego, the official name of the shape, has already driven the fans insane, who have created works of art and fan statuettes to celebrate the result of the Prince of the Saiyans.

Instagram user @gobihoku, whose real name is Thiago Lima, has a stunning Vegeta Ultra Ego collectible figures through 3D printing. Using this innovative method, the artist achieved a truly overwhelming result that is worthy or even better than some official pieces.

The statue that Vegeta sees surrounded by the dark flames of the ultra-ego impressed the entire community, stunned by the unbelievable Attention to detail. Saiyan armor, for example, is damaged from the hit previously taken by Granolah. And what do you think of this fan-made object and the 3D prints?

Vegeta’s Ultra Ego, achieved through hard training alongside Beerus and as a result of the Confrontation with Granolah, debuted in Chapter 74 of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro’s manga. Despite this form, however, Vegeta finds herself in clear trouble in the next chapter, the seventy-fifth of Dragon Ball Super. How will the fight end? We leave you to the exhilaration that the Spanish translation of the Ultra Ego evokes.

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