The manga from Dragon Ball great its monthly publication will continue. Master Akira Toriyama and his student Toyotaro enliven very compelling narrative arcs with increasingly powerful characters, so much so that Goku and Vegeta almost seem weak.

We first saw this in Dragon Ball Super 83, available on Manga Plus Battle of the past between Bardock and Gas, where the Saiyan has the upper hand. As he waits to rejoin Goku and Vegeta in the present, a fan has created an incredible illustration of the Saiyan Prince at his most powerful.

As we can see in @tweetCerealeanSniperDB Kakumei made one stunning artwork of Vegeta Ultra Ego, which first appeared in Dragon Ball Super 75. In the black and white illustration, Vegeta shows with his proud gaze to the sky, like a true prince of the Saiyans. His combat suit is cut into small pieces, letting you peek inside Super detailed musculature designed by DB Kakumei.

The character of Vegeta Ultra Ego He's made a brief appearance in Dragon Ball Super so far, but we're sure we'll have more opportunities to see him in the future. However, its new form is well appreciated by the fans, also given the similarities with the Super Saiyan 3.

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