With the end of the fight between the Magical Knights and Lucifer, Yuki Tabata has decided to take a longer break to clear his head and focus on the final saga of the manga. Black clover is leaving Weekly Shonen Jump for the next three months and the author has officially welcomed his audience.

With the release of Chapter 331, Asta and Yuno renewed the promise to become the next magical emperor. But the two protagonists still don't know that one last big challenge awaits them. In Black Clover 331 we discover the identity of the final antagonist. In fact, Julius Novachrono is Lucius Zogratis, the host of the Demon Astaroth. However, you will have to wait a long time for the next developments.

Readers were left with their backs in their throats and their breath held, but after tiring from the last saga, Tabata was bound to stop for a well-deserved break. That Stop was agreed with the publisher Shueisha, who thanked the supporters in a letter to the editor and spoke about the recovery. Work will be absent from Weekly Shonen Jump for the next three months, and Black Clover's Chapter 332 deadline will be pushed back to early August.

Tabata himself sent a message to fans where he revealed it he would have liked to go on indefinitely, but after a discussion with Shueisha, he decided to quit. He apologized and invited us to wait for the best possible ending.

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