In the last few hours, Kadokawa has officially announced that the manga Nights with a Cat by Kyuryu Z will inspire an anime adaptation to debut in the summer season of the year. The announcement was accompanied by a celebratory artwork by the author and information about the staff working on the project.

The Nights with a Cat sequel started on Kyuryu Z's personal Twitter profile where he found success on the internet. The series' popularity caught the attention of Kadokawa, who turned it into a manga, the third volume of which will be released soon. After the tankobons, theanimated adaptation.

The work tells the story of Fuuta, who comes home from work tired in the evening and just wants to spend time with his cat. All of the mysterious and peculiar habits of domestic cats are carefully described and portrayed in this relaxing comedy perfectly paints living together with the adorable fur balls.

In the PuYUKAI study, Minoru Ashina is credited with directing the series and writing the screenplays, while Minoru Takehara is the character designer. These two have previously collaborated on creating the anime Isekai Quartet, of which the trailer for the film Another World, due to be released in 2022, was shared. The music was entrusted to Kana Utatane, who also worked on Akebi's Sailor Uniform, of which you can read our review and the sounds at Fumiyuki Go.

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