After a long time of attention dedicated only to Goku, Dragon Ball Super it also gives a stage of notoriety to Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyans. The co-star of Dragon Ball Super has always had to live in the shadow of his rival, but now the attention has focused on him thanks to chapter 61.

Yesterday June 18 was published on MangaPlus Dragon Ball Super 61 which staged the clash between Molo and Vegeta. It was therefore the turn of the Saiyan prince to show what he can do, after Goku's turn touched a few chapters ago. If Ultra Instinct did not have a great effect against Molo, the same cannot be said for Vegeta's new technique which forced Molo not only to retire but to play his last trump card.

Despite the ending, Dragon Ball Super fans did let loose in the comments on Vegeta who finally got the lead role in the manga, even if for a short time. Many have been happy to see this side of the prince, with someone who believes it a much more interesting character than the always identical Goku. However, some also complained and commented that Toyotaro eventually decided to knock Vegeta down to give Kakaroth the lead role again.

You as you think about the events of chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super?

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