Since March 25, 2018, the daily episode 131 has been broadcast, which theDragon Ball Super Anime it's far from the small screen. However, the situation seems to be changing as TOEI Animation is working on two projects related to Dragon Ball. One of them, one Anime series slated for release in 2023has an exceptional staff.

The Japanese animation studio would produce a web series along the lines of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and what it was to be Dragon Ball Super 2. Big names are working on it, with a release appearing slated for 2023.

Based on recent leaks, the Super Hero CEO is involved in the Dragon Ball Super 2023 project, but not only in it. next to theAnimation director Chikashi Kubota there are two personalities whose names alone are capable of inflaming the public.

According to @DBSChronicles, Dragon Ball Super Anime 2023 works too Akira Toriyamathe genius behind the creation of the manga series, and Naohiro ShintaniCharacter designer responsible for the latest Broly film.

That Staff working on Anime Dragon Ball Super 2023 promises well, but at the moment there is no official news about the project and therefore we do not know if it is a series that ties in with the events of the Tournament of Power or if it is instead a completely innovative product .

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