One of the most iconic moments from Dragon Ball Z, perhaps the one that made us fall in love with the franchise the most, has been radically changed in this fan art created by a local animator and artist.

Have you ever wondered if instead of Goku it was Vegeta who transformed Fight in Super Saiyan and Freeza on Namek? One answer to that question is @chry_insi_art, a 19-year-old artist and animator who worked on Dragon Ball Deliverance, a fan who made non-canonical series available on YouTube. We admire how the confrontation could have gone in this parallel timeline.

The amazing fan art shows an angry Freeza in the foreground starting in Vegeta's attack. This time, however, the Saiyan prince is ready to fight. Goku's eternal rival, transformed into a Super Saiyan, is about to end his former master's life. The drawing in color is done in an amazing way. The most noticeable is that Quality of muscle stretch of the two protagonists as well as the loyalty to Toriyama's pencil. What do you think of this fan art? Another Dragon Ball Z fan decorated the Christmas tree with the Genkidama Ball. A fireball has lit Japan: According to Dragon Ball fans, the Saiyajins have arrived.

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