The Galactic Patrol Prisoner story arc Dragon Ball Super introduced us to one of the most powerful villains ever created by Akira Toriyama, the magician Molo, who is able to absorb the life energy of people and planets and to assimilate the techniques of his opponents.

After being easily defeated, the Z-fighters were saved thanks to the timely intervention by Meruswho not only dealt directly with the Eater of the World, but also helped Dende get there. During the fight we saw the angel's great martial arts, which he wanted to use this time A weapon reminiscent of the wand that Goku used in the first series.

Indeed, when there was still no talk of Saiyans and transformations, Goku was indeed an incredible and skilled fighter, but in his battles he used those Nyoi stick, a magical weapon that can stretch practically indefinitely. After Goku had connected Karin's residence to the sanctuary of God, he stopped using the staff, which is still one of the most famous weapons in the series.

Merus shows his speed and technique in his clash with Molo, thanks in part to the use of this special shaft, and just before he disappears he manages to give the Z-warriors a clear advantage. Destruction of the gems on the wizard's bodyThis robs them of their ability to absorb other people's techniques.

What do you think of this homage to the first historical Dragon Ball series? Let us know with a comment below. Recall that the recent Dragon Ball Super events could lead to a clash between Goku and the high priest, and that given the Chapter 63 final table, Goku could finally reach the full Ultra Instinct.

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