The conclusion of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga sparked numerous reflections from the community of Dragon Ball Super, mainly related to the antagonist Molo, the wizard who caused a lot of trouble for the Z warriors but who managed to save the entire universe.

The changes in Molo that Toriyama and Toyotaro showed in the chapters have repeatedly made fans create something a direct comparison with Cell, Main antagonist of the Android saga who organizes the Cell Game tournament and is able to compete with the other creations of Dr. To absorb gelo to become extremely powerful and thus achieve its perfect shape.

Prior to the last few chapters, Molo had been defined as the first major villain after those in Dragon Ball Z, and to remember him, an enthusiast decided to share some scenes extracted from the manga. As you can see in the post below, the user wanted to highlight @UnrealEntGaming how Molo is actually a well-characterized characterwho completely denies the concept of peace in the universe and constantly takes a merciless approach, as evidenced by the words he uses in the shared images.

What do you think about it? Consider Molo a different and original villain for his ruthlessnessor a series of elements that characterized the previous antagonists? Let us know with a comment below. Remember, Toyotaro dedicated a sketch to Shisami, and we'll leave the details in Chapter 67 of Dragon Ball Super.

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