Another month begins with the arrival in August Dragonball Super. In the coming days, many dates are planned with the Akira Toriyama created franchise as the inevitable release of the new chapter. Regarding this, the spoilers, the official drafts, and everything related to the work will be posted here.

Meanwhile, while TOEI studies the latest financial reports and Dragon Ball's revenue continues to decline, the series prepares to return with good news. The first in the order of release is the debut of Volume 16 of Dragon Ball Super from August 4th which will accompany the new edition of Saikyo Jump on the same day with the attached chapter of Heroes.

Also is the next episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroeswhile the official drafts of Chapter 75 are expected to be released on the 11th, complete spoilers to be leaked a few days later, probably on the 16th or 17th, as the chapter in question will be released on Manga Plus on August 18th. The next official shueisha event that Jump Victory Carnivalwhich might bring some news as well Dragon Ball Super: superhero.

So we just have to wait the next few days to hear the next Dragon Ball news. As for you, what do you expect instead of the shueisha event, which is scheduled for August 22nd? Let us know yours with a comment below.

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