The salvation of the antagonists plays a central role dragon ball. Characters like Piccolo, Vegeta, and even Frieza were once enemies of Goku, but one way or another they ended up fighting alongside him. Raditz' redemption, however, is something that definitely shouldn't happen.

Throughout the Granolah saga, Toyotaro led readers to relive the past of the conquering Saiyan race. Concrete it was deepened the character of Bardockwho showed his softer and more delicate side.

Goku and Radditz's father was not only a brave warrior, but also a family man. Indeed, as we saw in the flashback of Dragon Ball Super 83's Gas Battle, Bardock She wants her two children to grow up strong and healthy.

Now that Goku relived this scene again His father's newfound scouter could change his future. The events of Dragon Ball Super 83 will not only affect Ultra Instinct, but also the protagonist's morale.

While he didn't kill him himself, Goku might regret the death of his brother and at the end of this story arc, you go in search of the Dragon Balls and resurrect him. That should not happen.

Raditz is a outdated, treacherous and now too weak a character. In fact, even the weakest of the Z warriors would be enough to eliminate him in a very short time. Obviously, as a good level Saiyan, he could increase his potential in a short time, but that path would have already been seen. That, not what fans of the series want. Radditz's only anchor point in the series is being the protagonist's brother, and a revival of him isn't necessary for the future of the franchise.

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