In recent weeks, many have made acquaintance with the spy Twilight, the protagonist of the successful anime Spy x family. The first season of the series is sparkling, and the 1x04 episode of Spy x Family, available on Crunchyroll, introduced the caretaker, another character destined to be madly loved by the public.

Following the success of the anime, Jump Comics released the Spy x Family fan book, which is full of curiosities about the Forger family. In addition to them, the volume also contains the Illustration dedicated to the Spy x family made by several very famous manga artists as we can see in @'s tweetWSJ_manga.

Let's start with the illustration of Amyuu, author of Kono Oto Tomare!, who drew a really adorable little Anya, with her big dog Bond and her classmates Damian Desmond and Becky. His thoughts are always with his father and mother, but without despising peanuts. The characters in the picture do not They still appeared in the anime Spy x Familybut will debut in the next few episodes.

Now we come to the artwork of Hajime Isayama, author of Attack on Titan. With her distinctive style, Isayama drew the faces of the entire Forger family, highlighting a blood-soaked Yor between the dog Bond and Twilight.

The illustration of Nao Emoto, author of O Maidens in Your Savage Season, instead plays a very affectionate Yor starring Fiona, a fellow Twilight character who has not yet appeared in the anime. Between the two women, a chibi version of Becky looks at her lovingly.

Finally we come to the illustration of Yuji Kaku, author of Jigokuraku. In an artwork that mentions James Bond, we find the members of the Forger family portrayed so far in the anime with serious but not very believable facial expressions. To make matters worse, sunglasses adorn the faces of all three.

What do you think of these authors' illustrations?

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