Dragon Ball Super: Superhero was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated projects of 2022 in the world of animation, for a series of novelties that have attracted the attention of long-time fans. From the full rendering in CG to the return of Gohan, there are many aspects that got us talking, including the repetition of Super in the title.

Since the film’s first official presentation and ever since Official Title Revealed During the Comic Con of 2021, the community gradually got used to the idea of ​​having the terms superhero next to the name of the series that is still ongoing and signed by Toyotaro. However, it seems that this repetition was involuntary. Akira Toriyama played a central role in the production, was personally involved in the project and admitted he tried bring a new superhero to life in the movie.

This justifies the choice of title, but a promotional brochure issued as a tribute to the public states that Master Toriyama was at the time of the decision he had totally forgotten about the “super”.which are then included in the final title and relate to the current series. “I think they thought I did it on purpose because nobody pointed it out to me. So it’s my fault if the super is so repetitive” those were the sincere words of the sensei.

Finally, remember that the novels of the film featured unpublished illustrations and we’ll let you discover how Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero performs at the box office.

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