Ahead of the grand finale of the World Coronation Series, which will most likely conclude the current season Pokemon: Explorations, Ash Ketchum has decided to return to Professor Oak where he can train and prepare. However, one of his historical rivals was waiting for him, with whom a new challenge immediately began.

The pivotal event of episode 114 was precisely the unexpected meeting between Ash and Paul, who were asked to become the gym leader. Surely Paul has all the credentials to fill such a position, and Ash has decided to challenge him after so many years to measure his skills before the tournament.

The protagonist has now invested a lot of time in training some of his best Pokémon, including the monster caught in the current season Gengar. The Poisonous Spirit-type Pokémon is one of the most iconic of the franchise for many fans, since it has been present since the first video game adventures and also because it can boast several pretty powerful, fast and annoying moves for opponents.

Intending to send Gengar onto the battlefield, Ash decided to train him further against Paul, and this is where the Pokémon proved that it has an extremely useful move. It's about fuocofatuoa move that burns the opposing Pokemon, damaging it every turn and also lowering its Attack stat.

A technique that, as shown in the clip below, could get even fairly trained trainers into trouble and gives Ash a huge advantage. In conclusion, we leave you with the opinions of the master class voice actors on the final of the tournament.

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