Dragon Ball Super: Superhero In Japan, the wait is long. Originally slated for April 2022, the feature film has been pushed back due to the hacking of TOEI Animation and the new premiere date is set to be June 11, 2022. Meanwhile, fans have some questions about the film.

The first question related to the role of Doctor Hedo in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, one of the new members of theRed Band Army. Another question concerns the events of the film, which we don't yet know if they will tie into the main Dragon Ball Super series.

We had already talked about Gohan between study and battle in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, with the young Saiyan who would return to battle after the Tournament of Power. According to a rumor that recently surfaced at the time Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be a canon film for Dragon Ball Super.

How can we read in @ tweetDBS Chroniclesas seen at the moment the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga separate products, at least until the Sagas of Moro and Granolah the Survivor are adapted. Emphasizing that the two narrative arcs are 100% brought to screen, @DbSchronicles announces that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was only produced to tie in with the animebut becomes canon in Dragon Ball Super.

The hypothesis is that the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero events immediately follow the Tournament of Power, bridging the gap between this last saga and that of Moro. It seems very plausible to us, but we must first understand how it will be possible to fit the plot of the film into the general one of Dragon Ball Super.

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