Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes marked something of a setback for Toriyama's franchise. Limited to a threat on planet Earth, with the return of Gohan and Piccolo in central roles, the story has managed to capture the interest of the community and soon fans will be able to relive it through the official comic anime.

Despite initial doubts, especially in view of theUse of 3DCG in the realization In terms of characters and animation, however, after a timid reception at home, the Toei animated film managed to achieve excellent results worldwide in the first few weeks.

there Battle of Gohan and Piccolo against the New Army of the Red Ribbon and the androids of Dr. Hedo, the grandson of Dr. Gelo, known in Dragon Ball Z, it was the scene of new transformations and important innovations that could be made canonical in the manga in the future. Shueisha is waiting to find out if Toriyama and Toyotaro will include Gohan Beast or Piccolo Orange in the work the arrival of the official comic anime Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero on December 2, 2022reveals the cover and shows some preview pages which you can see below.

Finally, remembering that the film saw sales increases at Toei Animation, we leave you with our review of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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