Goku and his companions trained a lot and unlocked powers that at the beginning of dragon ball they sounded like science fiction. Initially there were physical improvements, later unique combat techniques were added. Then came real transformations that changed the franchise forever.

To keep the story fresh, Toriyama and Toei Animation always focus on adding something new, and transformations are the order of the day. There will also be one in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but it won't involve Goku or Vegeta - at least for now and for the information that has been leaked - but it will feature a different character. Piccolo will enjoy the full potential, so there To be able to support Gohan in the fight against the androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

The new form of the piccolo was highlighted in the new Dragon Ball Super: Superhero themed poster, where only the Namekkian is present. With this new version of himself, Piccolo loses the typical green we've always seen him with, with the skin taking on a lighter color, tending slightly towards yellow. What will the Potential that this piccolo expresses?

Fans have already given the new Piccolo a name, while the Gamma 2 voice actor praises the Namekkian's.

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