A special anniversary will be celebrated in Japan on May 9th for fans Dragon Ball great. In fact, fans celebrate Piccolo and Goku Day on this day, a special day dedicated to the two historical Z warriors. Of course, the publisher didn't miss the opportunity to pay a special tribute.

Small will be one of the protagonists in the new Dragon Ball Super movie, although the role of the famous character is currently unclear. Community expectations are pretty high though TOEI animation and shueisha They intend to bring back some iconic faces of the saga in this feature film.

In this regard, the publisher has thought well of celebrating Piccolo Day in an original way, trying to produce the iconic clothing of the Namek or his classic cape with rigid back. The official Dragon Ball profile has therefore published a couple of shots with the garment in question, the same ones that you can follow at the bottom of the news. It is currently unknown whether or not Shueisha will make this cloak available for sale, but this remains an original and curious initiative.

And you instead, what do you really think of Piccolo's cloak, would you wear it? Let us know in a comment below, but not before you've taken a look at the recent rumors of Cell's return.

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