Good goku day Calling all Dragon Ball fans! Today May 9th is the day dedicated to Kakarot, a Saiyan who fell to earth as a child and saved the planet from various threats. This is because the two syllables that make up his name, namely Go and Ku, are homophones of the number 5 and the number 9, respectively, in Japanese.

To celebrate Goku Day on Twitter, we thought of the official account of TOEI Animation, a studio we know is working on the new film Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. May 9th is also Piccolo Day, celebrated by editor Shueisha, who created her iconic cape as a tribute to the character.

The fact that today is a day dedicated to several important characters from the Dragon Ball universe has put a flea in the ear of many fans: they will arrive To sue related to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? In a tweet in response to TOEI Animation's , @DBS Chronicles think Goku Day could be a great day for announce the release date of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in English. We doubt such an announcement is possible given that the feature will debut on June 11th in Japan and we'll surely have to wait at least a month for the English dub.

By the end of today, May 9th, some Super Hero news could still arrive, although it now seems unlikely. While waiting for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a fan has created a surprisingly well-crafted trailer that we invite you to check out.

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