A few days ago Toei presented Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the new film coming out in 2022 that shows some pictures with Piccolo and Pan. Indeed, Akira Toriyama had left some clues about the possible protagonists of the film a few years ago, which reveals a wonderful background in the special issue “Dragon Ball Volume F”.

The tape in question, released in Japanese kiosks immediately after the release of the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F, contains several paragraphs with additional information about the characters, including Gohan and Piccolo. Initially, the part about Gohan was ignored by many, but the new images of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero with Piccolo’s house reminded several users of a very important detail.

In the book, Akira Toriyama reveals that Piccolo has actually had a roof over his head for some time and that his home – coincidentally – right next to Gohan and Videl’s house. This means that Piccolo voluntarily bought a house near his former student, although historically he has always preferred isolated places to exercise and meditate.

The band also reveals that Small dinner with Gohan’s family every eveningand that Gohan and Videl often entrust little Pan to the Namek for personal commitments, almost as if they saw him as a father figure. After all, Gohan spent most of his childhood with Piccolo and it goes without saying that he trusts his teacher so much that he even asks him to take care of his little daughter.

Dragon Ball Super: superhero could deepen that relationship further, especially considering that some co-stars might think Pan and Piccolo might be. News that will surely make many fans happy.

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