After a long break due to the production of the anime film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is back in June with the third part of the Ultra God Mission. That great success of the non-canon seriesthat continues to delight the community over time brings it closer to the original work.

According to some rumors that have surfaced the web and shared by Twitter user @woodlandbuckle, Akira Toriyama will quit her role alongside Toyotaro to make room Yoshitaka Nagayamathe artist of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes manga.

The news appears to have come from an interview published by Toyotaro himself, which will be released in the coming weeks. The author would have stated that he had received the blessing of Akira Toriyama, who therefore finally gave it the green light Take the reins of Dragon Ball Super.

Apparently, in the next Dragon Ball Super story arc, there will be Master Toriyama's hand. Instead, there will be Nagayama's, which has already amazed the public with it History of the Time Patrol and the xeno warriors. Given the numerous transformations that have appeared in the non-canon series, we're almost certainly going to see more than Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super.

The interview also mentions the next villain who seems really creepy. Yoshitaka Nagayama says Toyotaro confidently will know for sure surprise readersMe from Dragon Ball Super.

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