Dragon Ball Super this saga, which focused on the new villain Molo, the destroyer of the planets, began with a defeat against Neo Namek. The new Nameccian planet was actually the scene of the first challenge between the goat enemy and the two Saiyans. After a training phase, the protagonists and the enemy turned towards each other.

The premises seemed excellent: Goku had mastered the first phase of the Ultra Instinct, which, although incomplete, appeared to be quite powerful. Vegeta, however, had gone to Yardrat to learn a certain technique that Molo could switch off. The two However, the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super smashed their faces against the harsh reality provided the enemy has defeated both, if not without worries.

So see for the first time in Dragon Ball Goku loses twice to the same opponent and are in a desperate situation behind you despite important training. Vegeta has always suffered defeats, not like his rival, but in this case, he really seemed destined to resolve the situation.

Now both have to hope for Merus, an external intervention that a Unicum in Dragon Ball Super. Will the series end or will Goku and Vegeta reach their maximum potential?

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