Episode 6 of Attack of the Giants 4 debuted in Japan and North America and immediately became a trending topic on Twitter. Despite the very hot initial reaction In the past few hours, many fans of Isayama's work have come out onto social media to criticize the work of MAPPA, guilty of overuse of CGI.

You can see some comments below, and as you can see, these are by no means isolated cases. The first points of criticism go back to December 7th, the release date of the first episode. Many fans had started to criticize the Giants in computer graphics since Reiner and Zeke first appeared, but this new episode sparked even greater controversy, forcing the director to defend himself on social media.

The quality of episode 6 certainly doesn't match the quality of the best episodes from WIT Studio. Given that MAPPA had less than a year to produce a Double Cour season, the use of CGI is more than justified and justified, and the bottom line is far from bad. In contrast to the first episode, however In episode 6, the CGI was also used to animate the three-dimensional maneuvering devicesand many fans didn't like the end result.

What do you think about it? Does MAP do a good job? Or would you have preferred to wait longer? Let us know with a comment!

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