Through a brilliant marketing move, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang mission has given a long overview of famous villains of the franchise's imaginary historian. However, does a crucial detail from Episode 5 of the anime seem to have changed the balance, be it a mistake or a conscious decision?

As you could see in the episode broadcast yesterday, Janemba was the protagonist of the clash between Goku and Vegeta of the two respective multiverses. A great fight in which the collaboration between the Fourth stage Super Saiyan and the Super Saiyan Blue. In the course of the episode, a particularly important detail was noticed that immediately put the fans in the spotlight TOEI animation.

Goku and Vegeta, the same who should belong to the faithful universe of Toriyama, do not recognize Jamemba, the main enemy of the film Dragon Ball Z: The devilish warrior of the underworld. This could also take a back seat if the two Saiyans hadn't recently recognized as many Turles as Bojack, two historical villains. The enormous contradiction created by the episode, however, could be created by a desire to decanonize the character from the franchise's notion. Otherwise, TOEI would have made a mistake with the characters, which in the eyes of Goku and Vegeta should be two old acquaintances.

And you, what do you think of this detail, is the result of a mistake or a conscious choice? Let us know what you think in the box below.

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