After an epic confrontation that produced moments never seen before in the franchise, chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super has finally closed the circle dedicated to the Arch of Molo. The clash between Goku and the evil wizard was honored in a spectacular fanart in color.

In the last phase of the saga, Goku gave Molo the chance to regain his strength after several hesitations. This act, considered absurd, allowed the world eater to perform a final gesture of utter despair: Merge with the earth to try to defeat the Saiyan and destroy the planet.

Despite the Ultra Perfect Instinct, not even Goku could face Molo's new transformation that appeared to defeat the Z-Warriors. crucial intervention by Vegeta it has returned hope to the earth. The Saiyajin prince used a new skill he had learned on the planet Yardrat and channeled the remaining energy of all fighters to Goku, who was able to breathe life into such a gigantic alter ego of pure energy.

Goku's "Susanoo" managed to break through the defense of the planet Molo, allowing Goku to break the crystal on the antagonist's body and end the fight and the narrative arc. This epic clash was honored by artist @nova_vs_theworld, the one spectacular color fanart this shows Goku and Molo looking at each other threateningly. What do you think of the picture Would you like to see this saga in an animated or colored version? Meanwhile, Super Goku in Dragon Ball has to answer for his actions towards the angel community. Let's find out how the roles of Vegeta and Goku changed in Dragon Ball Super.

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