While the Banpresto awards for Dragon Ball Super are still ongoing, the Japanese company has announced that it is working on one new line of action figures, which will be sold in a very particular way.

By title "History of Rivals", the necklace will allow fans of the work born of Akira Toriyama to participate in the extraction of a series of action figures, by purchasing a ticket sold for the price of 1800 yen. There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be bought. Among the prizes we find action figures dedicated to the characters of Yamcha, Broly, Goku, also available in Super Saiyan Blue version. Japanese fans of the series will be able to buy tickets starting today, May 23, and the person who will buy the last remaining ticket will win an alternative version of the figurine dedicated to Yamcha. Among the prizes there are also postcards dedicated to the most famous scenes seen in the episodes of Dragon Ball.

At the bottom of the news there is also a video where you can preview the action figures created by Banpresto, waiting to find out if they will also arrive in Italy we point out this interesting video that explains how the fighting scenes are animated in Dragon Ball Super.

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