The short bracket dedicated to Goten and Trunks served to introduce the new narrative arc of Dragon Ball greatin which Toyotaro proposes, with various liberties, an adaptation of the events from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, as evidenced by Chapter 91, finally available on the site and in the MangaPlus application.

Introduced by a beautiful color panel depicting little Pan in the centre, her martial arts master Piccolo and a clumsy Gohan with three villains in the background, the chapter in question presents the rebirth of the Red Ribbon Army as the title itself suggests. While Piccolo spends most of his time taking care of Pan and teaching her to learn the basics of combat, the Western Capital Police Department plots a way to get there Stop the new Red Ribbon erawho express their interests towards Dr. know Hedo.

After serving three months in prison for the crimes committed during the Trunks and Goten saga, Hedo immediately joins Hedo Magenta, leader of the new Fiocco Rosso. Krillin tries to follow them and listen to the deal they make, but unfortunately is intercepted by Hedo's modified bee. Another six months pass as Pan hones his fighting techniques and Piccolo forces Gohan to prepare for a possible new threat.

The Namek doesn't even have time to relax and meditate to train when he is joined by a mysterious android with a cloak and a number 2 on his tunic. It's about Gamma 2, one of Dr. Hedo's creations in service with the new Army of the Red Ribbon. And have you read the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super? did it hit you Tell us in the comments.

Finally, here is how a fan imagined Gohan Beast in the manga.

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