The part dedicated to Goten and Trunks, the two aspiring superheroes who, however, had to face the bitter reality, has ended. Now it's time for Toyotaro to customize all the content of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie with the start of the new story arc. Let's see Dragon Ball Super 91 spoilers with pictures leaked on the net.

The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 titles is "The Red Ribbon Army Rises!", captioned "Teacher-Student Trio Rises to Meet the Challenge?!" which acts as the introductory signature to this new phase of the story. As you can see below, in the first photo, the first color page is dedicated to all the protagonists of this arc: first little Pan, followed by Gohan and Piccolo, then Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 in the two corners and also the shadows silhouette of Cell Max, the ultimate enemy.

More images of the rest of the chapter have been leaked following the official Dragon Ball Super 91 spoilers. There is dialogue between Hedo and Magenta, with Krillin listening to the entire conversation. The cop is in constant communication with one of his officers, but loses sight of Hedo when Hachimaru hits Krillin at supersonic speeds. Krillin passes out and a six-month time warp begins.

Pan trains with Piccolo and from that point on Everything plays out as it happens in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. A Gamma 2 energy attack rushes toward Piccolo, with the Number Two then introducing itself to the Namekkian.

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