Carrot at the center of the next chapter of ONE PIECE: Mink wants her revenge

Important clashes between the Straw Hat pirates and their alliance with the Kaido pirates begin in Onigashima. However, in this story bow from ONE PIECE There aren't just these two factions as Big Mom is also present on the island and still plays a fundamental role in the chessboard.

Big Mom's presence also implies the arrival of his crew nearby. As we saw recently, Perospero managed to land on Onigashima with Marco the Phoenix, with whom he has made a temporary alliance. Since then everything has jumped into ONE PIECE chapter 992 Big Mom is more determined than ever to confirm the alliance with Kaido.

This will lead to a confrontation with the two powerful characters. If one of the contenders who will take part in the battle is likely to be Marco, the other is carrot. The mink bunny actually still has the memory of Pedro and his gesture alive: the lion blew himself up on Whole Cake Island just to stop Perospero, who managed to survive.

On one of the first pages of ONE PIECE 992 we see Carrot rushes outside to avenge Pedro and thus confront Perospero. Although he can rely on the dangerous strength of the Sulong, it will still be a very difficult fight for Carrot. Will we see the beginning of this battle in ONE PIECE 994?

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